Shumba Elite 2 Sleeper

The Shumba (Shona for ‘lion’) off-road caravan is the king of the jungle – ready for the rugged outdoors but still royal.
SHUMBA 2 Elite: 2-SLEEPER STANDARD PRICE (incl. VAT)R485 000,00
Galvanized chassis, aluminium frame and aluminium cladding
3 x 17” Rims with tyres (2 x mags & 1 x steel rim as spare wheel) PCD 6 x 139.7 x
(Extra cost might apply should you prefer different mags, tyres or PCD)
Spare wheel bracket
2 Door Kitchen with Stainless Steel Working Space
4 x Stabilizers/Jacks
Heavy-duty jockey wheel
120 Litre Water Tank under Chassis with Water Pump, Filler Cap and Drain Plug
Inside cupboards with canvas doors
Heavy-duty slide for fridge
2 x Drawers behind Fridge; 3 x Drawers next to Fridge
Kitchen Drawer System in front of Fridge with 2 Plate Gas Cast Iron Burner and 2 x Drawers consisting
of 6 x Mugs, 8 x Glasses, 4 x Wine Glasses (in Bar Area), 6 x Oval Plates, 6 x Round Plates and 4 x Bowls
5 Litre On-Demand Gas Geyser
1 x 105Ah Deep Cycle Battery
Victron Power Management System (12V 25A Charger, BMV-712 Monitor, 100/20 Smart Solar, Battery Protect)
220V Inlet caravan plug
1 x Main Side Access Door with Mosquito Net
Emergency Triangle
Fire extinguisher
Aluminium Nose Box with Wood Rack and 3 x Doors
Rear Wash-Up Area with Mixer Tap
Front Fold Out Bed with Canvas Top and Mattress with Memory Foam Top Layer
1 x Gas Bottle Bracket in Nose Cone, excluding Gas Bottle
Inside Shower
2 x Centre Caravan Roof Lights
8 x 24 LED Amber/White Lights (2 x Kitchen, 2 x Underneath Jerry Can Holders,
1 x Bar Door, 1 x Nose Cone, 2 x Awning)
2 x Stainless Steel Jerry Can Holders
L-Shape Awning with Square Back
Designated Container for Awning Poles
3 x Grey 50Amp Square Connectors (1 x Awning Lights, 2 x Fridge Compartment)
1 x Red 50Amp Square Connector on Roof for Solar Panel
3 x 220V 3 Point Plugs (1 x Kitchen, 1 x Inside Caravan, 1 x Fridge Compartment)
1 x 12V USB Charger Inside Caravan
Inside Bench and Table
Electronic Lifting Roof
Set of complete side panels including canvas skirtR 21,735.00
20m Caravan plug extension leadR 1,472.00
160W - 18VSolar Panel including aluminium bracket on-top of roof & wiring R 5,462.50
DC to DC Charger – Orion-TR Smart 12/12-18AR 4,772.50
90 Litre Fridge (National Luna or Sno-Master)TBQ
Porta PottyR 2,817.50
100Ah Lithium Batteries incl battery boxes and wiring R 8,659.50
Stone ProtectorR 4,151.50
Fitted 20 Litre Microwave OvenR 2,357.50
Fitted Caravan MoversR 28,888.00
Fitted 9000 BTU Split Unit Air Conditioner R 13,685.00
Fitted Bicycle Rack (Wood Rack might have to be removed)TBQ
Offside AwningR 7,015.00
Awning ExtensionR 4,473.50
Add-a-RoomR 7,848.75
Tuff Cats duvet coverR 2 547.25
Shower Extension (Excluding side-panel No1) R 4,048.00

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